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Forgotten vintage / retro & unique pieces from my closet 

**shipping to Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Slovenia**

contact me on mk profile  / facebook  / instagram and find something 4 U! 

    Every single piece of clothes that I'm sellin was carefully selected and most of them were found in small, vintage shops. Some of true vintage pieces come from my grandma's and mom's closet and are of great significance to me.
However, most of the items, except for the high street fashion things, are unique & will make U special and different-

Baby Pink Blouse with Washed Denim Skirt(Buried Clothes)

light blue bomber JACKET
bright red SHIRT
vintage denim SKIRT
Buried Clothes See Through Blouse + Washed Denim Skirt

Short Sleeved Red Shirt

Baggy Retro Pants + Striped Shirt

Vero Moda Retro Jacket

90's Full Printed Colorful Retro Shirt for Fresh Prince look

80's Olive Green Parka

Basic Skinny Jeans(ASOS) + Vintage Blouse

Retro Shirt 
Classy Black Pencil Skirt

Vintage Plush Jacket 

Mom's High Waisted Jeans✔ C&A Vintage Denim 

CraZy Shirt, H&M Mini Dress  

DOT Blouse

Retro Floral Skirt + Oxford Shoes 

Floral Vintage Shirt

The softest Beige Pelerina. 

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